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Character Name: Latheis

In Game Spelling: Latheis

Character Class (Including RP class, if it differs from your game class): Druid

Character Age: 3,528

Organziation: Cenarion Circle

IC Trade Skills: Engineer and enjoys fishing

Character Backstory and History: Unknown to Lathies, overcome with grief, and unable to care for him, he was abandoned by his father after his mother died during childbirth. He lived as an animal mostly in Darkshore and Ashenvale but traveling the entire northern part of Kalimdor for thousands of years. The Circle found him and brought him from his feral state. Teaching him to speak and the ways of the new world he was suddenly apart of.

Character Personality: For the most part he is good natured and developed quite a sense of humor, sometimes he can be nervous of his surroundings, especialy if removed from nature or in a large city other than Darnassus. He can be brooding and depressed from time to time, often wondering about how he ended up living as he did for most of his life. He is fiercely loyal to those he considers his friends.

Character Cultural Stance. Liberal? Traditional?: He would have to lean toward the liberal side, since he dosent know much of his races history or traditions, but the more he learns of these things the more he would like for things to remain unchanged, although he is usually open with the races of the alliance he dosent care much for humans, he claims they have a "funny" smell.

IC Character Information

Please write a short IC application to the guild. The premise should be that you are directly applying to the unit. If you are a Sentinel, please make note that you need to be transfered to the unit. If you are a priestess or druid you would need permission from the temple or circle to join. The application should be between 250-500 words, though it can be longer. Please touch upon your character's name, strengths, military experience, combat experience and a description of their personality, all from their point of view.

*The following application is poorly written, almost as if it were wrote by a child*
My name is Latheis. I wish to join The Moonblade. I have permission from the Circle to join, they believe it will be good for me. My fellow druids believe that I learn quickly, although I am having trouble learning to speak Darnassian, and my writing needs work. Everyone at the Circle is..*there is a large ink blot where the pen stopped*..impressed with the strides I have taken in my studies. Although I am lacking in any formal combat or military training, I am a natural shapeshifter, prefering the speed and agility of my cat form, also, everyone at the Circle says that my cat form is..*another ink blot*.. slightly bigger than those of other druids, I hope this could possibley make up for some of my lack of teaching in other areas.

I have a fondness for tinkering and some here have grown tired of such things, telling me I could find better uses of my time other than trying to "blow myself skyhigh". I believe it a welcome distraction, mainly when my mind wonders back to how I ended up..*another ink blot* I was. I have been told that the fact that I survived all that time shows some kind of "inner strength and will to survive", so perhaps this too can help me in the ranks. I have found few people who I can not get along with, but I am still able to work beside these people to get the job done. Most of the work I have done for the Circle has been information gathering, what I have been told to be "recon", mainly into the northern forests of Ashenvale to report on the current levels of deforestation in the area.

I hope this letter finds you well.

General Questions

What sort of things do you do OOC? What are some things you enjoy? Hobbies? Favorite food/film/etc? Let us know a bit about yourself: I enjoy bowling, my league starts up in a couple of months. I have too many favorite films to list, but a few are The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, and Lord of the Rings. I enjoy reading, lately its been the Beautiful Creatures books, still gota grab the last one.

What is your WoW and RP experience? RP experience can extend to D&D and forum roleplay: Ive played for awhile on a rp server, but still would consider myself far from an expert at it. It has been years since Ive played D&D, but I always enjoyed it.

How familiar are you with Kaldorei culture/lore/history? Would you be willing to accept help on the subject?: I am always willing for help on any subject, I read the kaldorei rp guide in the forum and found it very informative :)

What times do you tend to play at?: usually later at night and on weekends

Is this character an alt or a main?: main

If an alt do you feel comfortable letting us who your main is?:

Do you use an RP mod? Flag RSP or MRP? Would you be willing to use both? I have Mrp, but would be willing to use both

Do you have a raiding schedule?
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Hey, Latheis. I'm not an officer, but I just want to inform that it may take a few days for the app to be reviewed :) I know you are probably anxious to know whether or not you've been accepted! Good luck to you! ^_^ (unsure if they have not contacted already or not, so just giving heads up)
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Hello! Sorry for such a late response, been working on some things. I think it looks pretty good, just a couple questions first:

How does he use his engineering? If he were to use it for more traditional reasons, like making fireworks we wouldn't have a problem. If he were to do thing on the other hand, like build guns and more liberal objects would be an issue.

Secondly, being thrown out by his parents because of a 'curse'. I don't have a problem with that, but I must ask what caused the parents to take such rash actions? Did he have physical signs of a curse, or was it just that he was a strange child?

Pardon the questions please. We're just trying to get a clearer view of your character. :D

If everything sorts out, you can contact me (Hâzel, alt code is Alt 131) or any of out other officers. I am the Druid officer though, so I recommend you come to me.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Hello, To answer your questions, As far as engineering goes, he prefers the gadget (his favorite is the world enlarger) and companion side of it, dosent make guns or explosives at all. And yes his appearence was different, he was born with the eyes and teeth of a cat.
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Alright! The changes look good, so you're all set. :D Talk to me later in game when you can.
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