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Each member of the Moonblade was sent a letter, signed by the Lieutenant Fernfeather. The purple inked scripted read as followed:

“To whom it is concerned,

In recent days I’ve been receiving a large number of unmarked threats. I believe the sender of these may be the murderer who we have yet to catch, taunting us. On the 26th of Quel’Asta ((July)), I will be holding a meeting. All who can are free should attend it is of utmost importance. We must find this person, assumed to be Sarla Blackhawk but these is unconfirmed, and bring them to justice to ease the minds of the citizens. It is not known how many people they may have killed or involved. If anyone receives the threats as well please let me know. Everyone should keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Lt. Fernfeather

((I’m going to go off of the event Mely had been hosting that we never got around to, adding my own little twists and such since we really didn’t have a plot. To run most people down about the past events we had: There was a murder in the city, a girl named Avana was shot through her chest with an arrow.

There was a list of witnesses/suspects including a woman who owned the inn near the site of the murder, a wealthy Gilnean man who claimed to be very powerful, Nimwe Moonsilk a tailor who made victims dress, Lasindra Nighthawk who was found dead (bludgeoned and strangled), A druid of the grove who described what happened at the party the victim had attended earlier, and that chick who we pushed off the bridge.

Sarla Blackhawk seems to be the most likely suspect, she fits the description given by witnesses. Sarla is tall with short hair, dark armor and ‘impressive’ bow. She’s short-tempered and aggressive, tending to get her way. She has been involved with someone named Marindor, assumed lover who may have gotten with victim at one point. May be reason victim was killed.

While investigating the sentinel house, a box was found and opened. It seemed to be magical…and it exploded. Leilla and Valeeryan were hurt on impact, major burns. The fire was eventually was put out, so we can add arson and indirect attempted murder to the charges? The sentinel house was empty, which may have been the point of the box.

Any questions?))
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I think it's time to come out of retirement.
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