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(Jul 21, 2013)
Best wishes to all. I'm only a whisper away if anyone needs help :)
(Jul 16, 2013)
Yay! Hope you had some fun.
(Jul 15, 2013)
Will be home tomorrow, if Heathrow agrees with me...
(Jul 13, 2013)
Mmm. Nachos.
(Jul 12, 2013)
Ooo. Sounds like fun Ara! I sat on the couch with my mom and we laughed our asses off watching 'Who's line is it anyways?" xD
(Jul 12, 2013)
Nomming on nachos watching Harry Potter Deathly Hollows part 2 with the boyfriend xD been painting our future living room all day and furniture shopping
(Jul 12, 2013)
Mhm, still working on my story which should be up soon.
(Jul 11, 2013)
Good, looking forward to doing some events and stirring up trouble <3
(Jul 11, 2013)
Hey Moonblade! How's it going?
(Jul 10, 2013)
There were never that many kids, however.
(Jul 10, 2013)
That is an adorable video you posted Ara. Reminds me of childhood, when my neighbor used to raise goats.
(Jul 06, 2013)
Lol, he did.
(Jul 06, 2013) I'm pretty sure the guy in the background said "adorbs"
(Jul 04, 2013)
"psh" ?! Val is right. You two did an amazing job. We also had a nice turn out of people. I'm glad Kaly was able to make it :) I definitely see more people applying if we keep this up.
(Jul 04, 2013)
(Jul 02, 2013)
Regrettably I'm being dragged to a MFO tomorrow evening :[ I probably can't host the event. Hazel if you are interested I sent all the info you will need to host it in my stead.
(Jun 30, 2013)
Post your support for the event here!! tell your friends, spead the word!!
(Jun 30, 2013)
Feya, let me know any details for the event. Im so excited :D
(Jun 30, 2013)
Wednesday, I think.
(Jun 29, 2013)
Anything about the Jurina'tore event?